Second Meetup: Check

For our second meetup we had Jilles van Gurp tell us more about his experiences setting up a distributed (currently small scale as in max 10 ppl) team for his company within Europe. In his talk he started with a more general introduction to how he came to software engineering, he gave a very brief run-through the history of software engineering as a field before giving more detail on what works for his company:

(Audio in the file unfortunately doesn’t start until minute 18:52 – the beginning is muted on purpose to let people introduce themselves without sharing that information with the wider internet forever, after that it took a while to get everything back to non-mute mode – you should find the relevant content in the slides shared below )

Jilles kindly put his slides online already:

Distributed cat herding from Jilles van Gurp

One important lesson from the talk: Living in a distributed team means solving the “same challenges as non distributed, but magnified by the fact that communication is harder.”

As a save the dates hint: Our next two meetups will kindly be hosted by Eurospace (others may know them as Hypoport): End of February achnee will be co-hosted with a management half day event over at Eurospace. On April 27th we’ll have the next regular achnee meetup featuring a talk by Lars Trieloff from Adobe.

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