People working together across geographies and timezones is becoming increasingly common: Open source projects typically recruit contributors at global scale. The research community is open to participants all over the world. Large corporations are increasingly likely to build teams that span more than one site. Startups are hiring globally to be able to work together with the best talent. With the proliferation of open source software projects in development projects, chances are developers have to communicate with remote teams effectively even if everyone on the core team is located in one single room.

This meetup tries to bring together people who are interested in working in distributed teams: How does communication work? How does one create a shared vision and culture if not everyone is on site? What are the virtues of asynchronous vs. syncronous communication? How do we create transparency? What does collaboration look like? Do Agile principles still apply? Topics like over-commitment, self-discipline, integration of isolated remote workers, hurdles to remote work due the internal IT infrastructure, shared decision making, canonical communication media, implementation of code review, giving feedback, and a lot more are topics of interest. The goal is to bring together both people working in distributed teams and those who are wondering how on earth this might work.

If you’d like to join remotely, let us know and we’ll see what we can make happen.

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Source of the picture: Taken by Philipp Kaden in Tierpark Berlin.

Why a red panda? In German this cute little animal has a second name: Katzen Bär, which translates to cat bear.

Who is “we”? Isabel Drost-Fromm as well as Stefan Rudnitzki.