Postponed – Fourth async cats

Postponed! See you in April for a talk by Lars Trieloff.



Hi everyone,

we want to announce the next meetup of async cat herding. It is scheduled for March 20th starting at 12:15 at Europace (Klosterstrasse 71, 10179 Berlin). Alexander Grosse will join us and prepared a talk.

Alexander Grosse, is currently the VP of Engineering at issuu. Previously, he was VP of Engineering at SoundCloud and R&D director at Nokia. He co-authored the O’Reilly book ‘Scaling teams’ together with David Loftesness (ex Twitter, Amazon), which was released early February this year.

Scaling Teams
There are countless growing software companies out there and they are all deciding to hire more people because they have more work to do than they can handle with their current team.
This talk will help you understand some of the key challenges and how to approach them.

The talk starts at 12:30. Please register via Picatic.

Hope to see you there!

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