First Async Cat Herding Meetup: Speakers

For our first meetup we are going to have two talks:

Sebastian Schelter will tell us more about “Community-Driven Open Source – the Apache Way”. The ASF has been building open source software in distributed teams for over 15 years. This should give a head start into how to organise software development in teams spanning geographies, cultures and corporations.
Sebastian is a PostDoc at the Database Systems and Information Management Group (DIMA) of TU Berlin. The focus of his research is on data management issues of large scale machine learning systems. During his PhD, he has been interning at IBM Research Almaden and Twitter in California. Furthermore, he is engaged in Open Source as a member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he has been a committer and PMC member in the Mahout, Giraph and Flink projects.

Dajana Günther will tell us more on “Deadlines in international and remote working teams”.

Dajana is conference and community manager for GOTO Berlin. She organises international conferences and events, such as Scala Days, on a daily basis. Dajana is a trained Systems Engineer, Mediator, has a master in Adult Education and studied educational science and psychology. In her free time, she is on the board of the non-profit association Ruby Berlin e.V., which promotes the programming language Ruby through various projects. Dajana strongly believes in sharing knowledge and supporting people.

Looking forward to seeing you at our first meetup on

Let me know if you would like to sponsor food!

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Want to attend our very first meetup in July 2016: Claim your ticket here


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